Features and advantages


1KA has the following advantages:


  • 1KA is a fast and user-friendly application for web survey design. A comprehensive comparison and review of the available tools for online surveying – see the overview of Internet / web survey software on WebSM – shows users can design surveys in 1KA with the fewest number of clicks. For two standardized surveys – one without conditions and one with conditions – we have yet to find a program that would allow faster production and performance with fewer clicks.


  • 1KA’s interface fully utilizes Ajax and Web 2.0 functionalities. On this basis 1KA is the first and perhaps still the only application that provides an overview and control over the entire structure of the questionnaire, as well as simultaneous editing of a selected question.


Other distinctive features that are only available in a few other online survey tools:


  • 1KA has a rich library of archived online questionnaires, but also allows users to create their own library of surveys or survey questions;


  • 1KA is capable of producing even the most complex structures of online surveys with complex conditions;


  • 1KA can be linked to registration (the integration for Joomla!, Moodle and Sisplet) and identifies the registered user;


  • 1KA enables evaluation of websites while the respondent is visiting or reviewing a website;


  • 1KA enables the use of surveys as a login or registration form, with email confirmation and additional updating.


1KA allows for a full range of basic and advanced functionalities included in modern software solutions for online surveys:


  • data export, comprehensive online analysis and graph production,


  • full flexibility when choosing questions types,


  • respondent email database management.


 Internal comparisons: