Public sector


"I'm astonished by the quality of the 1KA tool. The functions that I particularly like are the option of ongoing review and the basic reports are well-thought-out, while the meta data of the survey process itself is very useful. In general I think you need some time and practice to walk through all possible conditions and you can remember the main points (some of it is still waiting for me). The appearance and the transparency of the site, in addition to it functionality, are sufficiently encouragement that make it necessary that you go back to this tool without hesitation."

Anton Kramberger, Faculty of Social Sciences (UL)


"I found that the tool is suitable for the development of questionnaires for educational purposes, so I will include them in informatics lessons in the first year. Students will have to prepare themselves at least one online questionnaire."

Edi Kuklec, Gymnasium Šiška


"I made a questionnaire relating to customer satisfaction and the work at the course that I teach in elementary school. Pupils were able to fill out the survey with ease and learned about the results already on the same day, in the form of a Power Point presentation, with attractive graphs and percentages they got an insight into their work and the work of their classmates."

KP, Primary school, mathematician


"The tool is very well prepared; the students were able to create a simple survey by themselves, using graphs that they included into their project tasks. It's great also because it is  free of charge - even with a large number of respondents. Thanks to the 1KA team."

Simon Kotnik, School centre Ptuj, School of Biotechnology.


"With 1KA it is easy to create a survey, you have the option to customize it and create it to your own design. A crucial advantage is the distribution and control on the number of completed surveys. Most importantly, it is not necessary to carry out a review of surveys and analysis on your own. I would not hesitate to recommend the 1KA tool to anyone who would ask me for help in creating a survey."

Best regards, Mitja Jeras


"A very useful application. Fast data entries, simple check and data editing options. The tools for statistical data analysis are quick and effective, and allow for quick interpretation of research results. 1Ka is an useful tool in the field of traditional surveying, as well as for work with data that does not originate from surveys (e.g. features descriptions of illegal waste dumps, tourist facilities ...)".

Gregor Kovačič, University of Primorska