Academic sector


"The program supports the development of questionnaires in international studies very well, i.e. those that involve researchers from different countries, but also supports efficient international dissemination of the results of research and development projects."

Dr. Valery Dermol, International School for Social and Business Studies


"1KA is a great tool: very simple and effective at the same time. I recommend it to my students as an excellent tool for writing papers and theses, and also I include this tool in this school year into practical work with students of economy and management courses.  I wish you a lot of success in the future!"

Mateja Bitenc, College lecturer


"I am very pleased with the forum administrators, which are great at offering help. Also, creating a survey is very simple. Currently, my opinion on 1KA as a whole is very positive.”

B.K. Faculty of Education


"Working with 1KA is fast, simple, transparent and survey results are well supported with graphs and analyses."

B.G., VPS Ljubljana


“It was my first time creating a survey and I am very satisfied. I got the results I wanted.The application is manageable, you just follow all the instructions that are available at 1KA. Mainly I was relieved that the data are calculated simultaneously and that you can see the result in the individual questions immediately. I highly recommend it to everyone who is not familiar with surveys. It is also great because it is free."