Commercial sector


"Simple. Fast. Transparent. 1KA"

Beate Pečečnik, Polident d.o.o.


"The application is intuitive, easy to learn and very logical. It is the ideal choice if you have IF (conditional) questions, because their use is really simple. I would like to praise the analytical part also. It allows truly everything you need for moderately challenging survey."

Jure Raztočnik, entrepreneur


"Compared to GoogleForms, the first use of 1KA survey is almost a shock, due to its diverse possibilities of usage, but the help section is so well written and elaborated that you can easily refresh your knowledge. Fascinating. If such a tool existed at the time of my studies, I would have passed the Statistics exam (at least) with 10."

Marko Brumen, Festival Lent


"Above all, I was pleased that the 1KA tool offers free options which other related websites do not offer. When designing the questions, you have considerable width, but for me it was especially important that we can export data into SPSS."



"I used the 1KA tool for the first time; before that I created surveys with other concurrent applications. 1KA is undoubtedly the best of them all, and on top of that it is free. Certainly it is an essential tool for designing any survey."

J.A, Faculty of Economics Ljubljana