Nonprofit sector


"We learned about 1KA through friends that have been engaged in online surveying for many years. A few of us were worried that this will be a complex tool which will take a long time to get through, but we were pleasantly surprised, as it guided us through the process step by step. There were no complications and at the end it offered useful guidance for testing and ways to improve the efficiency of the survey. From different analyses, which the tool creates authomatically, we come up with a lot of useful information. Among other things we discovered that almost no one had completed the survey through Facebook - 95% of the responses were from people who had received a request to complete the survey via email. We are very grateful to the 1KA team for such an effective tool."

Society Ohana Team


"During our course we were given the task of creating a survey in a web environment. My colleagues and I were faced with a bit of a dilemma, because none of us had previously had any experience with making online surveys. We learnt that we could create a survey on the website Firstly, I reviewed the website and instructions and then I simply opened one of the options in the already pre-prepared online surveys. In about half an hour, I created a survey with three different sets and types of questions (all together 20 closed-ended questions with the Likert rating scale, semi-open question types with three possible answers and system variables with several answers) and already publish it :). Our experience is extremely positive. It could not have been any easier, but at the same time you have a lot of options for more complex surveys. We were especially impressed by the automatic analysis of the survey in the form of statistics, graphs or tables, since it was really easy to export the data to a computer. Congratulations to the 1KA team for this extremely sophisticated tool for online surveys, which is at the same time simple enough that even  a complete laymen can use it. I highly recommend  it. ;)"

Milan Kotnik, an employee of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing society Drava Maribor, student at DOBA Faculty in Maribor


"1KA has been very helpful in the execution of my research; the administrators were professional and happy to help."

Ljubo Poles, PhD in marital and family therapy, Faculty of Theology


"A very transparent application for web surveys. Compared to other tools I've used so far, I was  fascinated by the possibilities when it came to the types of questions - other tools are rather limited regarding the types/forms of questions. Another major difference and advantage over other tools is the insight and monitoring of results/answers. Easy and completely sufficient for the analysis! "

BT - scouts


"1KA has everything that you would expect from an online survey tool – it’s easy to use, free of charge, less buggy and contains more features than its commercial competitors that don’t come close to 1KA."

Matej Černe, Center of Excellence for Biosensors, Instrumentation and Process Control COBIK