Students, pupils and others


"1KA tool is with one word EXCELLENT. First I was attracted to an unlimited number of respondents and questions which other survey tools do not provide. I was impressed with the calculations of results, with the help of 1KA tools you can calculate the greater part of the most important statistics, moreover, even create graphs. CONGRATULATIONS."

Meta Hostnik, second level Masters Degree of Early Childhood Education


"The 1KA application is an excellent choice for Master's and Bachelor's thesis', because you can easily enter a questionnaire and then share the survey URL with your friends online. I think it is also useful for different companies that are researching their market."

AR, EPF Maribor


"1KA was a great help in my research and study. It is a very transparent and practical tool for online surveys. I like the automatic analysis provided by 1KA."

Klavdija S., student at the Faculty of Administration


"I am very pleased with the web application, which is easy to use, free, and offers many functionalities."

Jana Jelen (Faculty of Social Work, Ljubljana)


"I used  the1KA tool for my research for a Master's thesis. Especially I like the system that generates graphs and tables. Once you’re done with the survey, you can export the data into a Microsoft Word document without losing time by manually creating tables and charts. All compliments to 1KA, keep up the good work."

Edin Osmančević, Faculty of Social Sciences


"For the purpose of the empirical part of my thesis, I created an online questionnaire using the 1KA tool. It was very easy to create it. After watching a video guide on making surveys, the process became clear to me and the questionnaire was made ​​very quickly and with no problems. For specific questions which were not quite clear to me, I turned to the administrators that helped me via e-mail and gave me answers very quickly, and so the problem was resolved. I would recommend the creation of online surveys with the 1KA tool to anyone who needs to obtain a sample for research, because1KA offers a fast, easy and reliable solution."

Maja Marc, Faculty of Arts Ljubljana