Usable respondents


The 'DASHBOARD' - 'Usable respondents' tab contains a table with data on the quality of responses (variables) according to the unit record number. The key information is calculated on the basis of the assessment of usability of individual questionnaires.


A slightly simplified explanation is that the usability measures the portion of answers of each respondent; if the value is 100%, the respondent answered all of the questions, and if the value is 0%, they did not answer any questions. Respondents or questionnaires in the table are divided into 3 groups, where table rows are shaded in different colours:


  • Fully completed and fully usable (white shading): questionnaires where the respondent answered all or almost all questions are by default in this group (more than 80% of the responses are usable).


  • Partially completed and partially usable (yellow shading): questionnaires with more than 50% of usable responses are by default placed in this group.


  • Inadequately completed and unusable (red shading): questionnaires with less than 50% of usable responses are by default placed in this group. 


You can freely adjust the width of these categories through the settings above the table – 'Bottom limit' (unusable)' and 'Top limit (usable)'. The default values ​​are set to 50% and 80%. This means that questionnaires with less than 50% of usable responses are classified as unusable, between 50% and 80% as partially usable, and above 80% as completely usable.


In the ‘DASHBOARD' - 'Usable respondents' tab, you can also generate detailed computations of respondent usability, which is defined based on the key criteria of questionnaire usability.

In the same tab, you can also export the table of usable respondents in Excel, by clicking on the icon for export, located in the right corner of the menu bar.


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