Question How can I send my survey to more than 20 respondents?


A survey can be easily sent to multiple addresses:


  • The survey URL address can be published on a variety of websites, online forums, social networks, etc.


  • You can send the survey URL address through your email account to as many respondents as you wish.


A survey can also be distributed using 1KA's email system, using the 'PUBLISH' - 'Email' tab:


  • If you do not wish to track respondents, you can simply send out invitations. If you wish to send the survey to more than 20 respondents, you need to acquire e-invitation permission.


  • If you wish to track respondents and resend invitations to those who have not yet taken part in the survey, you will need access to 1KA advanced e-invitation system. A user can get permission for a specific survey by filling out a  form >>,  by which the user insures that invitations will only be sent to known recipients who have previously agreed to participate in the survey, as defined in the Terms of Use and the Anti-spam policy. By limiting the use of e-invitations, we wish to prevent the use of the 1KA application as a spam tool.


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