Question What are the costs of additional services (price list)?


The use of 1KA on the web surver of Centre for Social Informatics, Faculty of Social Sciences, is free, along with its installation of the tool on the user's own server.   


Costs of additional services are charged at non-profit rates:


  • A consultation hour from a methodologist ranges from €10 to €40, or a senior methodologist up to €80, depending on complexity.depending on complexity.


  • An engineering hour (installation, system information, programming) at our location amounts to €40, while external visits are priced at €60.


  • An hourly rate for a lecturer at (structured) seminars and courses is priced at €80.


Based on past experience we can provide some of the rates for typical services:


  • Installation on the user's server is free of charge, as it is performed by the user based on instructions, similarly to installation of other server applications. Only in certain cases (e.g. restrictive firewalls), it is recommended to configure everything on-site, which may take a certain number of engineering hours.


  • Restoring data that was deleted by the user is free for standard cases. In rare and complicated cases, the user can reach an agreement on the problem and the number of hours directly with the programmers.


  • Users should be able to upgrade the application on their own server, since all the technical specifications are already clarified in the basic installation.


  • Upgrading the outer shell of the CMS (adjustments 2 and 3), where general information and help are located (but not the application itself), currently requires several engineering hours, but in the future may become more automated. It should be noted that the general information in the CMS shell is not of great importance for experienced users and thus is not necessary to upgrade the CMS regularly.


  • In the case of the user's own installation on the 1KA server, hosting services and upgrades are charged according to the normal rates in this field, starting from €15 per month. Costs could increase in the case of additional requirements and adoptions, as well as in the case of a formalized relationship through a maintenance contract that determines specific professional hosting services related to web surveys. In addition to system support of installation on adjusted domains, we include here also the archiving at the level of each click, the restoration from backups, the installation of regular upgrades, system to send email invitations, hardware capacity to carry up to 100,000 surveys, complex analysis, custom reports, etc.



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