Question How do I ensure that my survey is answered only by those to whom I sent the survey?


If you wish to ensure that your survey is answered only by selected individuals, you have two possible options:


  • You can generate a password for access to the survey and forward it only to your selected contacts. When respondants click on the survey link, a field for the password is displayed. You can add the password in the 'EDIT' - 'Settings' - 'Survey Access', where you can add the selected password in the 'Survey password' box, and confirm your selection by clicking on the 'Add' button. You can add as many passwords as you like and thus segment  the respondents into groups.


  • 1KA also enables you to assign a unique password for each respondent, for which you need to be granted permission. In the 'PUBLISH' - 'Email invitations' tab you can add the respondents and the system will automatically generate individual passwords. In the advanced settings, you can specify if the respondents have to manually enter your password (in this option the email invitations are not sent via the 1KA system), or you can specify that the password is automatically stored in the URL, which means that you need to send the email invitations via the 1KA system.


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