Title 1KA settings for email notifications for completed surveys and insight into the respondent's answers


The 1KA tool allows you to set notifications for when a new survey is completed.


In order to access the notification settings, navigate to the ‘EDIT’ – ‘Settings’ – ‘Notifications’ – ‘Completed survey’ tab.


1. In the first window, select who will be notified of the survey completion; you can choose between:


  • Respondent
  • Respondent, registered to Sisplet CMS
  • Editor
  • Additional recipients


2. In the second window, edit the content of the message that will be sent by email. You can also insert system variables from your database, which are displayed in the blue window on the right.


3. If you wish the notifications to be configured in a way that allows you immediate insight into the respondent's answers, enter the variable [PDF] into the text. Thus, you will generate a link to the PDF file which holds the respondent's answers.


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