Title Organizing surveys in folders


List of all created surveys positioned in ‘My surveys’ directory can be organized in folders, which is especially useful for users with larger number of surveys. To view surveys in folders, advanced interface has to be switched off; this can be set in the ‘My Survey’ – ‘Settings’ – ‘User settings’ tab.

Folders are displayed or hidden with click on Folder button, positioned on right side. Under the Create Survey button the Create new folder button will appear.

Surveys which are not in any of specifically selected folder will appear in last folder on the list, called Unallocated survey. Other folders are arranged alphabetically.

Folders can:

  • be renamed, by clicking on it;
  • be moved, by dragging and dropping on selected place;
  • contain sub- folders that you create by clicking on a blue plus sign beside existing folder;
  • be deleted, by clicking on orange minus sign beside the folder. If you delete folder with surveys, surveys will not be deleted; they will only be rearranged in ‘ Unallocated survey’ folder.


Functionality is intended solely for the administrative organization to increased transparency of the surveys and does not affect surveys themselves.     




Edit date 03.09.2015
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