Title Insert numerical answers with slider

´Slider´ can be inserted into a questionnaire in two different ways. It can be chosen from the set of all questions types or used with question types ´Numeric input´ and ´Number table´. Second option requires changing of input type to slider. Additional options are also available:

  • Display of Slider’s handle (in this case a selection is displayed to users as a red circle)
  • Disable display of the number above the selected point
  • Display of all possible answers (all possible answers are displayed on the slider - if Slider's handle is enabled answers are shown in the shape of an ellipse and is Slider's handle is disabled answers are displayed as a red circle)
  • Slider’s step
  • Minimum and maximum
  • Display of intermediate lines
  • Display of numerical labels (minimum and maximum)
  • Display of intermediate numerical labels
  • Display of descriptive labels at maximum and minimum that can also be renamed
  • Display of default intermediate labels (determine the number and descriptive label that you want to associate with the selected number)
  • Display of area labels (determine the number of areas and name them)


Example of a survey with slider >>



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