Title Usage of 'location' question type

In selection of all question types that is opened when creating a questionnaire in column on the left, question type 'location' is available. Location is a special type of question that has two ways of inserting location: “My location” and “Multilocation”.


My location

My location enables recognition of current location of respondent. Focus on the map is pre-set to Slovenia, but it can be changed by using button ´Set focus´. When this button is used, map becomes clickable in focus can be set anywhere. Query about current location and search box are also pre-set. Furthermore user can enable showing of subquestion that is shown on the map as a cloud with an input field.

Example of 'my location' question type >>


Multilocation allows respondents to mark several places shown on the map. This kind of a question is especially useful when respondent is asked about more than one location eg. which places respondent has visited in the last year. Focus on the map is pre-set to Slovenia. Query about current location and show of search windows are also pre-set. Highest number of possible answers is pre-set to three (3), but this can be changed using a drop down list. Show of subquestion in the shape of a cloud with input field can be enabled.

Example of 'multilocation' question type >>

With both options of location input, two columns are created in data overview: “Address” and “Coordinates”. Column “Value” is only shown if subquestion is enabled. Entered addresses and coordinates are in form of a link to pop up windows with the map and markers of each respondent. Results in analyses are shown in a similar way with a difference that icon “Google Maps” is added in far left cell that works as a link to pop up window with a map of all answers/markers for each variable.


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