NetID login is now available


We enabled Arnes NetID log in, which is based on infrastructure for joint certifying (Authentication and Authorization Infrastructure – AAI). Entry with AAI is possible with click on icon, which is based in right corner, below red button for login.

Main characteristic of NetID is that login occurs in user’s institution (school, faculty, university or institute). Verification will go directly within institution, not through 1KA.

NetID is international net of institutions. Users can sign up by AAI based on verification through corresponding e-mail in a several organizations around the world (CERN,  London School of Economics (LSE), University of Cambrige, University of Oxford,  University of Utrecht, Universite de Paris IV (Sorbonne), Charles University Prague, National Library of Sweden, Yamagata University and Insituto Federal de Brasillia).

Additional safety is ensured by a second step in login, where user can select, which data will be forwarded to application. Two steps in login can be automated – selection of organization and confirmation of send data. All these steps can be reduced only on login and/or conformation of username and password.

Basic advantage of AAI application is data protections and disabling of tracking of users (especially Facebook, Google etc.) and also the unified access to all ARNES services. 


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