1KA in April 2015



April 2015 is a smaller milestone for the 1KA application:

  • for the 1st time we achieved registration of more than 1000 new users,
  • for the 1st time we had more than 300 000 accesses to questionnaires in 1 month(only on basics installation of www.1KA.si),
  • for the first time we had more than 4000 new questionnaires in 1 month.


In April we achieved 100% accessibility (precisely 99.996%) of 1KA server, which mean that our downtime is less than 2 minutes.

In April 2015 we also continued with intensive improvements and development of 1KA (which is regularly published here); larger part of changes that we evolved in April will be realized and documented in the middle of May 2015.

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