Novelties on 1KA in April and May



We performed a larger upgrade of the 1KA tool (Version 15.05.2015) for online surveys. Changes include upgrading existing functionalities and new features developed in April and May.


We can highlight in particular the following:


  • Improvements in the field of mobile polls, where are added for example adjustment for video, the ability to hide the buttons in the image questions etc.
  • Organizing surveys in folders (directories).
  • Full support for questions with the slider.
  • Option to hide certain categories of answers (instead of deleting them).
  • Making 'drill-down' menus - a horizontal sequence of filtered menus.


After each upgrade we recommend you to refresh with CTRL + F5 command or delete files and images from the cache by using the CTRL + SHIFT + DELETE. More >>

Details about upgrade >>


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