Latest upgrade includes automatic export into SPSS


A larger upgrade of 1KA tool for web surveys was carried out recently (Version 16.01.08), where some important functionalities, developed in November, December and January, were added – including automatic export into the SPSS and option to set quotas based on different variables. Lastes upgrade also includes upgrades of already existing functionalities.

In the context of the latest upgrade of 1KA tool we would like to emphasize in particular the following:
  • Exporting data into SPSS with one click,
  • Setting quotas based on variables in the questionnaire,
  • Creating Max-Diff table (table where respondent can choose the most and at least important answer) ,
  • Tracking survey changes in the archive,
  • Option to edit calculations (e.g., determining the number of decimals for the calculation's result),
  • Added option of transferring values from the answer of one question into the text of another question's answer; 
  • Upgraded interface for adding respondents into email invitations: more operators and option to import databases in different formats; 
  • New option for managers of virtual domains: option of adding existing users under theirs overview (linked to the domain, e.g. and the option of sending email invitations (through own server) to users of the domain.

Details about upgrade >>

After each upgrade, we recommend you to refresh with CTRL + F5 command or delete files and images from the cache by using the CTRL + SHIFT + DELETE. More >>

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