New upgrade brings many novelties (version 17.01.29)


1KA tool for web surveys was again significantly upgraded (version 17.01.29). Many existing functionalities were improved and some new and important ones were also added in the last three months.

Firstly, new interface for survey creation should be highlighted. The interface was revamped visually and new function of importing archival version of survey was added. Upgrade also includes other visual improvements such as rebuild of preset survey theme and five colour combinations of mobile themes

Calculations settings and redirection of respondents at the end of the survey to a website were also treated with new functionalities. 

New functionalities can be seen here >>.

Upgraded app was tested and use of it should not be disrupted. If troubles do arise, please contact us using this FORM >>.

After each upgrade we recommend using function CTRL + F5 to refresh the webpage. Deletion of files and images from cache is also recommended. This can be done by pressing CTRL + SHIFT + DELETE. MORE >>


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