Novelties on 1KA in December/January


In December 2014/January 2015 a larger upgrade of 1KA tool for online surveys was made. Below is a list of new features:

New user settings options:

  • View all surveys (directory): In the Interface settings, users can choose between the basic (default) and new advanced user interface that allows you to adjust the display of survey properties (columns).
  • Quick survey creation (Oneclick create): users can turn on a new option that allows you to create surveys with a single click.
  • Settings for the creation of a new survey: users can activate the new default settings to show/hide introduction, conclusion and the title of the survey.
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More options for editing introduction and conclusion:

  • Added icons (in the shape of an eye) to show or hide the introduction and conclusion;
  • Additional settings for conclusion; jump to link works for all websites, including unsecured versions. 
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More options for cell alignment in tables:

  • Option for cell alignment in tables is added. For all types of tables the width of the cell of sub-questions can be set, as well as adjusted cell alignment. More >>

Added options for reviewing in the STATUS tab:

  • Option to review variable non-response: user can verify the quality of the answers in the 'Status' tab; he can view the level of non-response by individual variables. More >>
  • Option to review usable respondents: user can review how many units in his database are usable; he can determine the usability himself, e.g. only units with 100% usability. More >>


Updated labelling of test entries: automatically generated entries are now separated from manual test entries; it is also possible to delete the automatically generated entries separately. More >>

Added search for data: the user can search through database by typing keywords into the search. More >>

Users with their own installation have the option to design their own skins: here you can see some examples designed for awareness point (example 1example 2, and example 3).


In addition to the renewed homepages on Slovenian and English sites, in January 1KA experienced two major improvements:

  • Comprehensive renovation (replacement) oftexteditor, which includes several functions such as inserting YouTube video, images, tables etc.
  • Glossary for adding definitions of vague wording into the questionnaire. More >>

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